Daughter-in-law has a crush on Tom Brady

Tom Brady and NFL players donated to Damar Hamlin’s charity after the frightening incident Monday night. As of early Wednesday morning, donations to Hamlin’s foundation, Chasing M’s, surpassed $6 million.

My daughter-in-law admits that she has a crush on Tom Brady.

Kel is hardly the only American woman to fall under the spell of the handsome quarterback, who has seven Super Bowl rings.

“I get it. He’s taller, more successful and richer than me. And better-looking,” says my son, Bryan.

Kel’s affection for Brady is somewhat troublesome, because Kel and Bryan live in St. Petersburg, Florida. Brady played across the bay, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bryan tries to always keep a safe distance between Brady and Kel.

“I’ve been running interference between them ever since he joined the Bucs,” Bryan says.

Brady lives in Clearwater, which is 21 miles away from Kel and Bryan. But Brady’s boat is harbored only eight blocks from their apartment. “So the only time I can let my guard down is during game days,” Bryan says.

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Kel, 35, says Brady is her backup plan if anything goes wrong with Bryan.

But if an opportunity presented itself with Brady, she wouldn’t forget her first husband. “I would, of course, cut Bryan in financially,” she said. She would also still hang out with Bryan, even though he doesn’t have any Super Bowl rings.

From a football standpoint, Kel’s affection for Brady is hard for Bryan to take. The Buccaneers defeated our family’s team, the Packers, in the 2020 NFC championship game.

Still, Bryan understands his wife’s admiration for Brady.

“The Larry David thing is more concerning,”‘ Bryan says.

Kel also carries a torch for Larry David, who is basically the opposite of Tom Brady.

Kel finds David, whom she calls a “neurotic little man,” amusing. She initially assumed the star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was tall.

When she found out the comedian was on the short side, the news “might have ruined it a little bit for me,” Kel said. “But then I remembered that ‘Seinfeld’ money, and I stayed in love with him.”

Kel has actually seen David in person. When Kel and Bryan lived in California, Kel saw David walking one day when she left work.

Kel “freaked out,” she said. “And then I weirdly followed him for like a whole minute and then I realized it was weird and I went home.”

Coincident has brought Bryan and Kel near both celebrities.

Not only do they live near Brady now, but they used to live in Santa Monica, where David lives.

“So I’m not doing myself any favors,” Bryan says.

Jeff Bahr is a reporter for The Independent. He may be reached at [email protected]