More details released in Bob Huggins DUI arrest

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) – Update 12:30pm: More details have been released in the DUI arrest of Bob Huggins in Pittsburgh on Friday.

According to Huggins’ criminal complaint, the WVU head Men’s Basketball coach had a BAC of .210 when he was pulled over for a flat tire — more than two times the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

Court documents say Huggins’ eyes were glassy and he showed signs of slurred and mumbled speech.

Police say the vehicle Huggins was driving was leased through West Virginia University.

Huggins was unable to explain how his tires got shredded, and he couldn’t tell officers where he was or how he got there, according to documents.

The police said the last thing Huggins remembered was stopping at a Burger King in Washington, PA around 1:30pm that afternoon.

When officers asked where Huggins thought he was, he answered “Columbus” multiple times.

Officers said they asked Huggins where he was about 10 times, and he was unable to come up with the right response once.

Court documents show police ran a series of sobriety tests on Huggins, and every marker for impairment was seen.

Police said they found empty beer cans in a garbage bag on the front passenger side of the floorboard, and another garbage bag of empty metal beer bottles in the trunk of Huggins’ SUV. An empty cooler was found behind the center console as well, police say.

Update 10:55am: West Virginia University has released a statement in response to the head of Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Huggins’ DUI arrest in Pittsburgh.

They say they are aware of the incident, and will take appropriate actions once their review is complete.

Full statement here:

original story:

According to City of Pittsburgh Police, Bob Huggins, 69, was arrested in the city for a DUI.

Police said just before 8:30 PM Friday, they saw a black SUV on Merchant Street in the middle of the road blocking traffic. The driver’s side door was open and the car had a shredded flat tire.

Officers directed him to move the car off the road, but said the driver, now known to be Huggins, was having difficulty maneuvering the vehicle.

Pittsburgh PD said they gave Huggins standard field sobriety checks, which he failed.

Documents say Huggins was placed into custody without incident and transported for further testing.

Huggins was charged with driving under the influence. He has been released and will appear for a preliminary hearing at a later date.

His arrest came just a month after Huggins was suspended and reduced in pay by $1 million by West Virginia University for using a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati radio talk show.

This is not the first time Huggins has been arrested on a DUI charge.

In 2004, while the head basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati, Huggins was arrested for driving under the influence.

He ultimately resigned from Cincinnati in 2005.

This is a developing story, stick with 5 News for updates.

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