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Constitutional Reform & Treaty with Indigenous Australians?

The Aboriginal Victorians Bill 2018 clearly identifies that the state of Victoria “acknowledges Victorian traditional owners as the first peoples”. In addition, that the state recognizes “the diversity of Aboriginal Victorians, their communities and cultures, and the intrinsic connection of

Here we go with the gun issue again

We keep circulating the same issues and arguments. Elected officials fail to take action while regurgitating the same tired talking points to fire up their bases and insure they remain in office “fighting the good fight”. Democrats and Republicans both

Lineker row hits BBC Scotland sports output

Breaking News image

Breaking News image

BBC Scotland has curtailed its sports coverage amid the ongoing row over Gary Lineker.

The Match of the Day presenter was taken off air after tweeting about the UK government’s new migration law, prompting a row over

What Is Debt Recovery: How To Recoup Unpaid Invoices?

Small businesses are prime targets for invoices being left unpaid. Unlike a large business with a dedicated accounting department, small business owners often manage their accounts themselves or use a bookkeeper on occasion. This makes it exceedingly difficult to monitor

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