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Law Talk: NYS Cannabis Law | WETM

Law Talk brings answers to questions that you, our viewers, submit to our team of lawyers. In this edition of Law Talk, Michael Donlon discusses the New York State Cannabis Law after recreational-use cannabis shops have begun to open throughout

Thirsty beer drinkers want … –

Stewart J has dismissed Brick Lane’s ACL[1] and passing off complaints against the get-up of Torquay Beverage Co’s Better Beers.

Some facts

On July 21, 2021Brick Lane issued a press release announcing the launch of its new Sidewinders

Why tougher penalties are long overdue

Famous white collar crimes that made headlines internationally

Some of the most high profile stories over the last decade involve both individuals and corporations engaged in extremely deceptive practices. From Bernie Madoff’s infamous ponzi scheme to the downfall of Enron

Mind the Gap: Patagonia Sues Gap For Copying Fleece Design

High-end outdoor clothing brand Patagonia Inc is taking on fast fashion retailer Gap for copying its “iconic” fleece jacket design. Patagonia Inc has filed court proceedings in the Federal Court.

In a complaint filed on 22 November 2022, Patagonia alleges

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